German Language Tuition


"I first met Angie at the Meetup(R) group she organises for the Reigate, Redhill & Caterham area. Not being an accomplished speaker of German I was very nervous about coming into an established group but Angie was so friendly and welcoming and I was soon chatting with other members to whom she introduced me. Angie is passionate about the benefits and the joy of speaking foreign languages, and about sharing this with as many people as possible. She is such an inclusive person who radiates warmth and enthusiasm. 

Having attended sixteen group sessions, and observed Angie’s manner & expertise, I realised that I would benefit enormously from one-to-one lessons with her, and she kindly agreed to these. My first lesson was last week and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Angie encouraged me to speak as much as possible. She was calm and patient, allowing me plenty of time to work out what I wanted to say, and she not only helped me understand my mistakes but also offered lots of new and useful phrases. Angie is happy to structure lessons to anyone’s requirements, be that for business or in my case to improve my everyday conversational skills. I am looking forward to future lessons and would highly recommend Angie to anyone seeking German tuition at any level."

Anne B
September 2021

"When my government department was anticipating closer contacts with other EU countries it asked if anyone had any European language skills. I had studied German at school but had not used the language for about twenty years. I volunteered to receive German language training and was accepted.


Angie Potter became my principal German tutor for the next three years. I started from basics again and studied regularly with Angie at work. This encouraged me to undertake, with her help and support, further additional studies at home.


Angie is an excellent tutor with a very relaxed but effective teaching style. Thanks to her teaching methods I was able to develop over time a strong technical knowledge of German which gave me the confidence to express myself in both the written and spoken language.


At the end of three years I was successful in obtaining the position of Fiscal Liaison Officer at the British Embassy in Germany. The work involved close contact with German government officials at all levels with most meetings and contacts conducted in German.


I have no hesitation in recommending Angie as a German tutor, whether it be for business or social purposes. Her teaching sessions were always enjoyable and effective and thanks to her efforts my own German improved quickly to a high standard." 


Steve M

"I speak several languages and Angie has been helping me to retrieve my thirty-four-year-old German from somewhere deep in the back of my mind. She plans meticulously and gives very precise information, while being entirely flexible in every other respect and always making the lessons most enjoyable. Our lessons are timed to fit in with my busy schedule and although I have given Angie an idea of the areas of grammar that I would like to cover, she always gives me additional information and is happy to change her plans in an instant. Angie is gradually coaxing my dormant German back to life, both through her German lessons and her German Meetup® group."

Jane P, Reigate

January 2017

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