Angie interpreting at an EU meeting in Trier, Germany

Interpreting: French/German/English

I do "consecutive interpreting" (also known as "liaison interpreting") in which the person who is speaking pauses at regular intervals to allow me to interpret what has just been said.


I do not do "simultaneous interpreting", in which the speaker does not pause (i.e. in which the interpreter interprets at the same time as the speaker continues to speak).


I do not have headphones or any other technical conference interpreting equipment.


Fees for an interpreting assignment consist of:


1. the interpreting fee,

2. the cost of travel (by car or train), and

3. travel time between my home (near Redhill, Surrey) and the interpreting venue.


1. Interpreting fee

For interpreting during business hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday (minimum charge for an interpreting assignment: £85) the standard fee is: £30 per hour for each of the first 3 hours (the minimum charge for any interpreting assignment being £85), and £7.50 for each 15-minute period thereafter. For assignments outside normal business hours or for very high profile meetings a higher hourly interpreting rate may be charged.


2. Travel expenses:

  • either by car: mileage (45p per mile) plus any necessary car parking fee,

  • or by public transport (second class train fare).


3. Travel time @ £20 per hour, pro rata, e.g.:

£5 for up to 15 minutes’ travel time,

£10 for 30 minutes’ travel time,

£15 for 45 minutes’ travel time etc.

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